Shopping Around?

We encourage it!  You wouldn’t purchase a car without taking it for a test drive first would you?  Likewise, please take ACE Taekwondo classes for a free test drive before you make a family based decision and you will see that there are no comparables.  Please be sure to check out our page on Choosing a Taekwondo School for valuable tips to assist you in your search, including  hidden costs and other red flags to be aware of.  Remember, you get what you pay for.

We offer a free no-obligation class so do make sure to put us on your list of schools to visit.  We look forward to seeing you and answering any questions you may have.


Taekwondo Membership Pricing


NOTE: Please refer to the terms at bottom pf page for full Taekwondo membership explanations.  Thank you.



 Kickbox: Core-Fusion (Tuesday 6pm) Pricing

NOTE: No family discounts apply.  Cannot be applied to other classes.  Price shown does NOT include 13% HST.  


Kickbox: Circuits (Thursday 6pm) Pricing

NOTE: This is a contracted program run by a Personal Trainer (Tom).  Members on this program are welcome to the KickBox: Core Fusion (Tuesday 6pm), and Street Smart Self Defence (Friday 7pm) too. Price shown does NOT include 13% HST.  


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) / Self Defence Pricing

NOTE:  Members of BJJ are also eligible to participate in the Tuesday KickBox: Core Fusion (6pm) and Friday Street Smart Self Defence (7pm).  Equivalent Price per class is calculated based on just BJJ.  Family discounts do not apply for BJJ.  Pass can be applied to classes stated above.  Price shown does NOT include 13% HST.  


NOTE: ALL membership rates are subject to HST (13%).  Family discounts for Taekwondo memberships are available and only applicable to direct members living in same household.  15% for 2nd member, 20% for 3rd member, 25% for 4th member.  Family discounts cannot be applied to wellness pack pricing (Kickbox: Core-Fusion, Kickbox: Circuits, FitClub, and BJJ).  Basic members who wish to add on the wellness package to their membership will receive a 30% discount.  Premium Taekwondo members have access to Tuesdays KickBox: Core-Fusion.  BJJ and KickBox: Circuits are 3rd party programs and thus membership for those are separate and member discounts apply where applicable as per tables above.  

1. Any 2 Taekwondo days in the week; 1 class a day limit.  Can only attend classes based on current level, unless otherwise invited.  Includes Street-Smart Self Defence (Friday 7pm).  Does NOT include KickBox: Core-Fusion (Tuesday 6pm), KickBox: Circuits (Thursday 6pm), BJJ (Saturday 2pm), or FitClub (Saturday 9.30am).

2. Attend any/multiple classes in the week.  No limits to per day classes.  Can only attend classes based on current level, unless otherwise invited.  Includes Street Smart Self Defence (Friday 7pm). Includes KickBox: Core Fusion (Tuesday 6pm) and FitClub (Saturday 9.30am).  Does NOT include KickBox: Circuits Thursday (6pm) and BJJ (Saturday 12.30pm).

3. Free uniform is only available with initial startup membership.  It will not be included in membership renewal or upgrade.

4. Sparring Kit is only available with initial startup membership and if membership payment is made in full upon registration.


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The reason people LOVE ACE ACADEMY is because we strive to ensure you are 100% totally happy with our incomparable training and service.  We are a family here and want you to be a part of the family.  We want you to be comfortable, answer your questions and leave knowing that you will get nothing less than the best for you and your children.  Why else are we #1 in Mississauga? Come see for yourself.

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