KickBox Fit


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This interactive workout provides women & men of all ages and fitness levels with an alternative to boring, and tedious gym workouts. Our high energy programs are designed to constantly stimulate the mind, and body to ensure you’re having fun; and getting the most out of your workouts.

By keeping your heart rate elevated, while incorporating resistance training; our classes give you a cardio, and muscle conditioning workout at the same time. With today’s busy lifestyle; achieving health and fitness in the most time-efficient way is at the top of everyone’s list of priorities.

Our classes allow you to work at your own pace and we WELCOME you, no matter what your current fitness level is.

You will learn “real” Kickboxing techniques. This does not mean you have to compete, but it does mean you will learn proper techniques and apply them in a fun and energetic workout designed to get you stronger, torch fat and get you cardiovascular fit.


Class Structure

We offer two (2) types of KickBox Fit workouts – both different and both designed to challenge (and change) you body.

Tuesday session at 6pm with Master Viresh is focused on partner training and comprises of numerous rounds of punching and kicking techniques followed by a “spike” that takes heart rate up to burn calories.

Thursday class at 6pm with Trainer Tom is circuit based.  You will do rounds of drills at each station using combination of punch bags, focus mitt drills, and body conditioning.

Our classes usually start with around 10 minutes warm-ups, which may include stretching and traditional exercises such as jumping jacks and push-ups, followed by a 30 minute session that includes movements such as knee strikes, kicks and punches. We use equipment like punching bags, punching shields or pads.  In addition partner work will be encouraged to help you build confidence and strength.  Class ends with a core / ab routine.

The class is often split into different groups based on experience so everyone has fun and can push themselves according to their own ability and progress.


Cardiovascular Health and Weight Loss

Kickboxing classes will challenge your body in ways you never thought possible.  Sessions feature cardio drills and exercises that will bring your cardiovascular endurance to the next level.  Your future self will thank you for what you start today.


To start or schedule your FREE trial class, call us at 647.893.4266