Belt Promotion – Important Info

Belt Promotion Standards

In Taekwondo, belts reflect a student’s proven level of competence and (just as importantly) the progression of colours reflects an inner journey that never truly ends.  Each belt achieved is truly an accomplishment worthy of respect. At ACE Taekwondo, we have very high standards for belt promotion. Achieving a belt isn’t just a matter of “spending enough time” in a previous belt. In order to achieve the next rank, a student must fully demonstrate their proficiency in their current belt’s techniques, including Basic Moves, Sparring, Self Defense and Poomse (Patterns) with clear confidence.

As a general guideline, we require that students complete a minimum of 3 months AND 24 sessions before being eligible to test for the next belt (6 months and 48 sessions from red to black). However, not all students progress at the same rate and some may take longer before the Instructor deems them as ready to test and there is no shame in that! We will not allow students to test if we do not think they have an excellent chance of passing, nor will hand out a belt to a student just for testing up if they do not perform well; belts have to be earned. We do not pressure anyone to test before we both agree that they are ready.

It is not only physical aspects of Taekwondo that are important in determining a student’s eligibility for promotion. We also observe students’ demonstration the 5 Tenets of Taekwondo

When you meet an ACE Taekwondo Black Belt, you can be sure that they have trained to the highest possible standards and have truly earned the right to wear their black belt proudly.


Belt System

There are 10 Kup grades (coloured belts) up to Dan (black belt) in Taekwondo. Grades start from White Belt and end in a Black Belt. There are 6 full grades in Taekwondo, each of which are represented by a solid coloured belt. In between each full grade there are intermediate grades which are designated with a coloured stripe of the next highest grade. After 1st Dan, you can achieve further Dan Grades with the highest being 10th Dan.



Belt Promotion Requirements

Helping students achieve excellence is what differentiates ACE academy students from other schools.  We just don’t “hand out” belts but students are expected to demonstrate to the best of their ability at their rank that they are worthy to be promoted.

We have a  “coloured tag system” that allows students to be 100% ready for test day and be a better and stronger student on their martial arts journey.

ALL students are still required to complete the minimum 24classes + 3 months between ranks.

Every time students feel they know their poomse, kicks, self defence and demonstrate consistency in all areas of the 5 Tenets of TKD they will be awarded a stripe on their belt that signifies their proficiency in that area.

Students can earn tags anytime, before, after or during class.  They can also get “pre-approved” from any Black Stripe assistant instructors to help them fine tune techniques before they are awarded the stripe.

The tenets stripe will be awarded at the Masters discretion when consistency is observed in class.  Students MAY NOT request this stripe as its the final stripe (and hardest) to earn and will determine their readiness for rank promotion.