At ACE, students train in both Traditional and Olympic Sport Taekwondo.  Through the dedicated syllabus and training program, students as young as 4 and 5 or adults of any age can get involved and learn the dynamic kicking style of the Korean Martial Art.


FITCLUB – Insanity Live!

***RELAUNCHING FALL 2017*** We understand that Taekwondo and Martial Arts is not for everyone.  That is why ACE is proud to be the ONLY Martial Arts academy in the GTA that has LIVE INSANITY classes for those looking for a TOTAL BODY Max Interval Cardio workout with NO EQUIPMENT! A great way to stay fit and make your children proud while they do Taekwondo.



Due to popular demand and request, we now offer two types of KickBox Fit classes.  This program can be standalone or used as a compliment the Taekwondo program as an add-on feature for higher rank students looking to get a complete martial arts balance of hands & feet while building upper body strength and cardio endurance.



This is a NEW program EXCLUSIVE ONLY at ACE that will be offered as a pilot in December and will be rolled out in FALL 2017.  It’s inspired by Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and is for ALL LEVELS.  It’s NON-IMPACT but emphasises on hand, elbow, knee and feet strikes as seen in MMA while constantly working your core and torching calories.


We encourage you all to come visit us, try our FREE CLASSES and see for yourself why so many people enjoy the academy and why we are NUMBER 1 in Mississauga