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ACE Taekwondo was officially launched by Master Viresh back in 2008 at Churchill Meadows Community Centre in Mississauga.  We started with a once-a-week 12 week program with only about 10 students and no mats or equipment.  After the initial 12 week program was over, word of mouth turned the program into one of the most in demand programs at the Centre.  Soon the program was running 3 times a week and nearly filling the full size gymnasium.

In January 2010, ACE Taekwondo moved to its very own location at 11-2283 Argentia Road in Mississauga.  The facility boasts a fully matted 2800 square foot Dojang complete with 2 competition rings. There is also a great open plan viewing are and lounge where others can relax while they watch the classes.

ACE Taekwondo maintains a strong reputation among the Ontario Taekwondo Association and is known for its presence at competitions and development of superior performing

Style of Taekwondo

We offer the highest level of Olympic sport Taekwondo as well as traditional Taekwondo as sanctioned by the World Taekwondo and are full members of the Ontario Taekwondo Association and Taekwondo Canada. At ACE, you will receive the highest caliber of instruction, regardless of your age, gender or ability.

Whether your goal is to master the sport of Taekwondo, increase your wellness and fitness, engage in a family activity, compete at events, learn self defense skills, or focus on personal development, ACE Taekwondo is the perfect environment to achieve your goals. Learn more about our classes and programs and offered.




What You Can Expect

  • Instruction in all the latest techniques and applications
  • Family friendly classes
  • Children will gain confidence, build character, and learn discipline and respect
  • Obtain a noticeable improvement in physical fitness, mental focus, and overall well being
  • High standards for belt promotion
  • Competitive sparring training for those that aim to compete at provincial, national, and international levels
  • Expect to have FUN, get FIT, and make new FRIENDS!


What People are Saying…

Our two boys started out taking Taekwondo with Master Instructor Viresh a couple of years ago. What started out as a recreational morning for the kids, has now turned into a family event. We have joined the classes as well and love it! It is a great opportunity to improve your fitness level while at the same time learn something new.   We were apprehensive at first, taking our kids to a martial arts program, but once we met Master Instructor Viresh and the rest of the instructors all concerns were put aside. They are a very approachable and down to earth group of teachers. Not everyone has what it takes to be a good teacher – it definitely takes a certain personality and Master Viresh is great at what he does. He is very patient and is able to pay attention to all the student’s individual needs. Both adults and children can be comfortable in his class environment, learn Taekwondo, and have great fun doing it.   With the support and guidance of Master Instructor Viresh, we have continued to progress in Taekwondo and look forward to training each session.   –Dave & Neha S.

Our daughter Kaitlyn has found a power within her and TKD has boosted her confidence and self-esteem! We have seen her blossom in this martial art form with great enthusiasm. Master Instructor Viresh and his team of professionals have been very instrumental in encouraging her to achieve her goals.   Master Instructor Viresh is very focused, determined, skilled, very driven in his teachings and is extremely dedicated to his students, keeping them focused and disciplined! Kaitlyn definitely has a lot of fun and really looks forward to her classes. She is on her way to her next belt.   –Liz & Darren B.

My son who was 9 years of age when he joined was very shy and was not attracted by any specific sport; however he seemed to be intrigued by Taekwondo.   With the help and guidance of Master Instructor Viresh and his passion, enthusiasm and encouragement, my son has found a new passion in Taekwondo. He is no longer shy, has an amazing focus, is doing great at school, and has a great ethical behaviour and respect for others.   With all these great developments, I have joined the team too, have been in the best physical shape ever and enjoy every bit of the training. We have learned so many amazing techniques that some higher belts in other schools are not able to perform, but Master Instructor Viresh will show us over and over again until we have all perfected them.   He has great discipline, patience and consideration to everybody’s aptitude.   Thank you Master Instructor Viresh, you are AWESOME!!!   –Maggy Y.


My daughter started taekwondo training with Master Instructor Viresh at ACE and she really enjoys learning under his leadership and guidance. Master Instructor Viresh has demonstrated professionalism in coaching these kids. According to me, his contribution in child’s personal growth is invaluable. I wish all success to Master Instructor Viresh in his venture and love to see ACE growing further and faster.–Apoorva S

I love it that my 6 year old daughter and I can be in the same class, and both be challenged. The instructors are excellent…each one has their own expertise and style of teaching which ensures that students get a broad-based and well rounded education in Tae Kwon Do fundamentals. I highly recommend ACE Taekwondo!–Donna B.

Emily’s school report card showed she made great improvement with her studies since she started Taekwondo. Taekwondo has really helped improve Emily’s ability not only physically but also academically all-round. In addition, since I started Taekwondo this Summer, I lost a total of 23 pounds. Thank you.–Yinong W.

Viresh Mistry is an outstanding ambassador on behalf of ACE Taekwondo.  He has run two programs at our school.  One was a clinic for our students which taught them not just the basics of self defense but a safety philosophy and incorporated physical fitness and motivation.  Secondly, Viresh ran a professional development clinic for the staff.  It was an effective way to inform and interest the staff on how his program could be used in the classroom, the gym, as a motivational assembly and a starter program for students to use self defense in an appropriate and fun way.  Thank you Viresh and ACE Taekwondo.  We look forward to having you at our school again.–Edenwood Middle School

Thank you for supporting our Boy's Night In.  We are so thanful for your spirit of generosity.  The boys truly enjoyed your lesson.  Again thank you.  –St. Albert of Jerusalem School.  

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